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Nourishing Networks Central (NNC) is the backbone organization that supports the development and sustainability of local nourishing networks.  NNC offers a new approach to mobilize the passion and untapped resources of a community. To better understand local challenges, community members meet regularly to share their observations, needs, and existing projects around a shared purpose. The relationships developed within these networks lead to greater collaboration,  the expansion of existing good work, innovative responses to unfilled gaps in need, and the increase in the number of caring people working together toward that shared purpose.

Nourishing Networks Central provides the infrastructure that allows local networks to stay active in finding and filling gaps in need. We do so through:

-Professional Network Development Support

-Education and Training Support

-Applied Research

-Networking the Networks

Nourishing Networks Grow-A-Ton-Of-Food Challenge

Welcome to the Nourishing Networks Grow-A-Ton-Of-Food Challenge, inspired by Falaah Jones and the Issaquah Nourishing Network who have done so themselves and have dared us to follow suit. Our communities are filled with empty lots of land, our backyards perhaps growing more food than we are capable of eating ourselves. As individuals or as groups, let’s donate the fresh food grown in our gardens to local efforts serving hunger: your local church, food bank, etc. Contact Emily at emily@nourishingnetworks.net with any questions. Let’s start recording those pounds of food and watch the numbers grow!

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Hunger Also Lives in Redmond


Nourishing Networks Thanksgiving Summit 2014

Fall leaves are our year’s occurrences manifested: the winter dreams brought to fruition and the happenings of spring and summer proudly displayed in brilliant colors for our reflection and observance. Their falling urges us to take from those reflections as we move into winter, preparing to hunker down to creatively scheme and innovatively collaborate on our next round of hopes and dreams to bloom.

Let us bring together the old and new at this year’s Nourishing Networks Thanksgiving Summit. Please bring with you one new face so that we can connect regionally to learn about the existing work being done in our communities and continue to direct and redirect our energy where it is most needed.

When: Monday, November 17th from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm

Where: Highland Community Center, 14224 Bel-Red Rd, Bellevue

Who: You! You represent a myriad of networks as an active member of your community, full of connections, ideas, and resources. Share this event with other passionate people, and please:

RSVP to emily@nourishingnetworks.net and register below.

There will be food and refreshments throughout the day.

We hope you can make it!

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