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Nourishing Networks Central (NNC) develops, supports, and networks together the formal and informal networks within communities; these networks forge cross-sector, purpose driven efforts that leverage local untapped talent and resources to create sustainable solutions to basic unmet needs. Using Nourishing Network methodologies and professional expertise we support communities in building collective ownership for community wellbeing.

Nourishing Networks Central builds collective ownership for community wellbeing through the spread of a highly interactive and inspiring new model for how people work together.  This network model offers an innovative approach to social change and community leadership by introducing a new way to connect resources and fill gaps in our system’s efforts to meet basic needs.  

Solutions to community wellbeing ultimately rest within communities themselves.  However, those who live and work in these communities often do not perceive local issues like hunger or homelessness as their problem to solve.  Often there is a lack of awareness that the ability to solve these issues is within reach because of the perception in American communities that high up organizations (government, the non-profit sector, etc.) are the answer.  Thus, the community looks to, or assumes someone else will solve their local challenges. 

Without a clear way to engage, matters like hunger and homelessness can seem so overwhelming that many people become complacent in their inaction because they do not feel capable of making a difference.  Alternatively, some people strive to solve the problems by starting new organizations or new programs without understanding what is already available or already working.  Through the development and teaching of the working in networks for social change, Nourishing Networks Central (NNC) provides the infrastructure that allows local networks to stay active in finding and filling gaps in need.  


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