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Kirkland Nourishing Network thanks Kirkland Community

We want to publicly thank the Kirkland Reporter, the Kiwanis Club of Kirkland, and the hundreds of donors across the community for their super support of the Kirkland Nourishing Network food-box program.

The newspaper has helped raise awareness of the problem of food insecurity in Kirkland, and the Kiwanis support responded to that need. Kiwanis provided outstanding supplement to the food boxes and important help to struggling Kirkland families.

Over 400 individual, family and organization donors participated in this year's food-box program supporting elementary school children and their families during school breaks.

If anyone, not currently participating, wants to receive notices of upcoming programs for next school year, please send an email to

Thank you, Kirkland, for being such a caring community.

Kirkland Nourishing Network


Via the Kirkland Reporter:

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