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In January 2014, members of the Kirkland Nourishing Network convened a special meeting of community members who are passionate about gardening and finding ways to help the thousands of food-insecure people who have little access to affordable fresh produce.  Those in attendance decided to take their energy, ideas, and passion and create the Edible Kirkland Nourishing Network.  We are now one year old and are excited to grow the network to connect more people and expand our shared purpose.

Our network consists of caring and passionate gardeners, horticulturists and everyday citizens from government, business, schools, non-profits, neighborhoods, civic groups and our faith-based community.  We meet monthly and welcome anyone interested in learning how they can connect with each other to apply their passions, skills, time and ideas to help build a fully nourished community.  

Our shared purposes are to create a city filled with edible plants along our walkways and trails and in our parks and other public lands; to  reestablish healthy fruit trees, to promote the proliferation of backyard and community vegetable gardens and to foster the emergence of other creative ideas on building a local food system in order to ensure a far more nourished community.  


Upcoming events

  • Coming Soon!!!  A Sneak Preview of the new Nourishing Networks website! On May 15th, you'll be able to log-in to our new website and check out the new look.  This is a soft launch of our site for friends and family of Nourishing Networks. This is just the beginning as additional functionality will be added to enhance your ability to share your work in the coming weeks.
  • Seattle Tilth has broken ground on a new demo garden at McAuliffe Park. This edible demonstration garden will be used by Seattle Tilth and others to teach and encourage community residents to transform lawn space into native/edible growing areas. Installation is being done in three phases and includes hands-on class/teaching projects and volunteer work parties. 

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Interests among our Network Participants to date Include: 

  • Refurbishing the fruit trees in parks and neighborhoods
  • Integrating edibles and gardens into the Cross Kirkland Corridor
  • Increasing the amount of fresh produce for Hopelink and other local food pantries
  • Expanding backyard gardens with potential to donate to others in need
  • Building new community gardens and pea-patches at churches & schools
  • Building backyard & container gardens for low-income families 
  • Protecting pollinators (bees, birds and other bugs) 
  • Creating a cross-generational festival focused on canning and drying foods.  

What interest do you have that you would like to see on this list? 

Join us at our next meeting! 

Date: Second Wednesday of each month

Time: 3:30-5:00 pm

Location: Kirkland City Hall

Interim Convener: Linda Benson

Email Linda

Current Projects

Larry's Orchard

Members of the EKNN are working to restore an old orchard in the high density commercial neighborhood of Totem Lake. The orchard was planted in 1988-89 at the site of the former Larry's Market. The orchard contains standard and dwarf trees, one of them from heritage stock that came from Oregon in a covered wagon. 

A group of students from the Lake Washington Institute of Technology Horticulture Program were brought by instructor and EKNN member Chris Smith. Restoration began earlier in February of this year.

The hope is that this orchard will be maintained as a community food source.

Kirkland Food Asset Mapping

This is a project to create a database and GIS map utility to identify places in the City of Kirkland where community members are able to share land and resources to grow food.

Potential places considered include parks, churches, schools, public land and private residences with preapproval of owners. The project started earlier this spring.

Meeting Notes

8/12/2015 | PDF

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