1. Professional Network Development Support

To access the full potential of working in a network structure requires a shift in the traditional way of thinking and working together. NNC provides the unique knowledge, experience and skill sets that are necessary to help communities make this shift. Services provided to existing & emerging networks include:

  • Community assessment/readiness
  • Facilitation
  • Meeting design
  • Coaching
  • Planning-Problem Solving

2. Education and Training Support

To effectively launch a Nourishing Network that can decentralize and be sustainable with evolving leadership, communities must fully understand the methods and processes of the network model. This includes incorporating the research-proven principles, roles, and practices that lead to a robust network. Education and Training Support activities include:

  • Network Curriculum Development
  • Tailored training to individual networks 
  • Train the Trainer sessions that move the expertise directly into the community and away from NNC

3. Networking together cross-sector, purpose driven Nourishing Networks

To ensure that the greatest level of impact can be achieved in Nourishing Network communities, it is vital that these networks are connected to each other in an environment that encourages new thinking, innovation and grounded action.  Nourishing Networks Central works to provide the venues and the methodologies to allow these connections to be made and information and stories shared.  Networking together Tools & Technology activities include:

  • Hosting and facilitating Networking Summits
  • Connecting network leaders cross Nourishing Network communities
  • Creating and maintaining a multi-purpose website for Nourishing Networks Central tools and support along with individual Nourishing Network Pages that can be managed by the local networks to share work
  • Providing open-source access to all Nourishing Network tools, assessments, publications and methodologies


4. Applied Research and Systems Change

NNC has explored and incorporated exciting cutting-edge network and community building theory developed by June Holley ( and Center for Ethical Leadership ( and it is of paramount importance that we track and document our learning to broaden the field of network practice. Specifically, our work includes studying how NN practices and competencies can expand collective ownership of our community’s greatest problems and how this approach can begin to help shift the paradigm of support that allows for the contribution of all available, yet untapped resources. Systems Changing Work & Ongoing Applied Research activities include: 

  • Documenting the lessons learned in the initial Nourishing Network research phase
  • Supporting ongoing research processes to expand the Nourishing Network model and to answer evolving questions 
  • Sharing lessons learned and best practices in publications and on-line resources


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